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Throughout the ages, the Design/Build concept has been used to deliver projects under a Master Builder approach. The Master Builder was the single source responsible for the design and construction of structures - from the pyramids of Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, and in the present world, the major airports and public facilities we use every day.

Benefits of the Design/Build Approach

Clients have a single source of responsibility.

Client's needs are developed with the Builder, Architect and Subcontractors maximizing current trends and practices.

Greater trade involvement in the pre-construction phase results in a coordinated and interactive (proactive) design with practical means and methods.

Builder is identified at project start.

Fast track bid packages allows construction start prior to completion of drawings.

Streamlined contract administration provides most efficient approvals/close out.

Allows a budget to be fixed at the start of the project (prior to construction) and the design development controlled.

Trade involvement at onset ensures Best Value for material selection.

The bid process and its costs are eliminated.