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MBI Corporation completed our 4,400 sq. ft. retail facility on November 28th 2000. We are very pleased with the experience we had with MBI. The project was our  first of this magnitude. Denise and Raju went above and beyond the call of duty helping us thru this process. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a commercial builder. Everything, down to the littlest detail, was completed  within budget and on time. Please, feel free to stop by and visit our facilities. 

I would be happy answering any questions you should have regarding our experience with MBI Corporation.


WHEREAS, the voters of Weld County School District 6 approved a $62.5 million bond for the purpose of building Northridge High School and remodeling Brentwood Middle School, John Evans Junior High, Heath Junior High, Franklin Middle School, Maplewood Middle School, Central High School and West High School; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education of Weld County School District 6 directed that the projects be completed with as little disruption to the educational process as possible; and

WHEREAS, the projects were completed on time and within budget;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of Weld County School District 6 gratefully acknowledges MBI Corporation for the professional and timely completion of the District 6 Stadium project.


I highly recommend MBI Corporation for work on any projects you may be considering. AMI is currently completing construction on the $1.7 million dollar ADA compliance contract here at Colorado State University. This project is not only highly complicated with over 72 building renovations that involve construction from modifying existing restrooms to complete new installation of additional elevators in buildings but, it is also a very high profile project with direct interest of the President of the campus. MBI is doing an outstanding job both coordinating the work progress and keeping the many clients informed as to the progress in there facilities.

I would highly recommend MBI Corporation to any possible work that you may be considering them for.


I was the Director of the Career Center at Colorado State University from October 1995 until April 1998. During that time Ammons Hall, a historic building on the Colorado State campus, was renovated for occupancy by the Career Center. The General Contractor for the project was the MBI Corporation. I believe the Ammons renovation was approximately $1,200,000.00 in size and nine months in length.

Rick Rasmuson was the Project Supervisor for MBI and he and the rest of the MBI team did a terrific job of managing the completion of the project. Renovation projects are always difficult because they always seem to involve surprises and any construction project has complications. The Ammons project was underway when the immense summer flood of 1997 hit and it also had several unexpected discoveries as the project progressed.

Again, Rick and the MBI staff did a wonderful job of handling the project as originally conceived, surviving and cleaning up after the flood, and finding ways to overcome the surprises uncovered in the building. My strongest statement is that I found the MBI team easy to work with. They were willing to discuss and investigate alternate methods of completing portions of the project as the surprises in the building or changes in our thinking revised the scope or direction of the project. One item clearly stands out in my memory. As I noted earlier, Ammons is one of the historic buildings on the campus. During the construction process several of the historic elements in the building were damaged. MBI and the project design team spent hours and days on a nationwide search to find appropriate replacement materials for the damaged items. This was impressive because it showed their concern and it insured the maintenance of the quality of the building.

I strongly recommend the use of MBI. They did a great job for us. Please feel free to call if you have questions.

RAND-SCOT Incorporated

This letter is in reference to MBI Corporation and the excellent job they are in the process of completing for us.

I am the owner of a small industrial property that houses Rand-Scot, Inc., a medical device manufacturer. My tenant required additional warehouse and manufacturing space. It was desired that we add to the existing property rather than relocate to a larger facility.

MBI worked with us and with the city authorities to obtain clearance for our project, a 7,000 square foot addition.

While a small project, the execution was complicated by stringent city review and difficult access soil, fire safety problems, as well as cost constraints. The property adjoins a nature area that has over 15 civic and environmental groups involved in overseeing it.

Throughout a 2-year period MBI and their sub-contractors worked with us through the conceptual, planning and architectural stages. Often dealing with city personnel on problem issues.

Because of MBI's attention to detail and realistic planning, we have been able to continue to manufacture in our building as the new one sprouted around us. There has been almost no interruption of our scheduled production.


This letter is to notify you that we would be happy to give a reference to any of your prospective customers. We continue to be pleased with our building and strongly feel that the continual communication between us, you, Larry the architect, and the primary subcontractors was as critical to the outstanding outcome as was the attention to detail and quality workmanship of your crew.

Feel free to have your prospects contact us any time, or tour our building. We are very proud of it.